Time for progress.

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The flipchart was invented in 1912. The beamer in 1945. Time for progress!

weframe Certified Trainer.

Ready for modern meetings? Finally !

  • Learn to use weframe One
  • Prepare and organise your meeting or client training simply and efficiently.
  • Lead your meeting or client training with interaction and engagement with each and every participant.
  • Inspire your clients with the digital and agile meeting design of tomorrow.

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weframe Trainer Benefits:

  • Today’s customers are tired of projectors and paper. Communicate with them the way they do everywhere else in their lives.
  • Update and digitise your content simply and painlessly. Store it all on the cloud, and travel hands free.
  • Be a modern and contemporary trainer. As people today expect.
  • Innovative meeting design sets you apart from the competition.
  • Modern technology enables you to reach new customers and inspire existing ones.

weframe Participant Benefits:

  • Log on and start, with your own laptop or smartphone, no need to install or learn any new software.
  • Contribute your ideas, questions, thoughts by simply sending pictures, texts or videos to the weframe screen.
  • “Everyone sit and listen” is replaced by real interaction and participant integration.
  • Conferences that are fun. Results that you helped create. Take-aways that you can agree with.
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