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weframe One offers everything that trainers and moderators need to facilitate meetings, workshops and conferences. All known and familiar tools and more combined in One digital solution.

Take advantage of all the benefits of digital working - meetings become paperless, more structured, efficient and entertaining.

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Better for everyone.

Trainer Benefits:

  • Communicate digitally with your customers as they do everywhere else in their lives.
  • Digitise and update your content easily and without complications.
  • Store everything in the cloud and travel without extra baggage.
  • Innovative meeting design sets you apart from the competition.
  • Use modern technology to reach new customers and inspire existing ones.



Participant Benefits:

  • Log on and off you go - with your own laptop or smartphone, without having to install or learn any software.
  • Quickly contribute ideas, questions, thoughts by intuitively sending pictures, texts or videos to weframe One.
  • Frontal sound is replaced by real interaction and participant integration.
  • Meetings and conferences that are fun. Results that everyone has helped to create. Take-aways that everyone agrees with.

weframe Certified Trainings.

Ready for modern meetings, seminars and conferences?

  • Learn to use weframe One
  • Prepare and organise your meeting or client training simply and efficiently.
  • Lead your meeting or client training with interaction and engagement with each and every participant.
  • Inspire your customers with digital and agile meeting design.

Please check back soon for our Certified Trainings in English and other languages.

weframe Locations

You want to work with weframe One?

Here you will find an overview of conference houses that already offer their guests digital and sustainable meetings.

(USA, Germany & Austria only)

weframe Locations

The flipchart was invented in 1912. The beamer in 1962. Time for progress!

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