One for all.

weframe One replaces outdated conference technology into a new standard: One digital solution for everything your conference guests need for active collaboration. weframe One consists of an 86" multitouch 4K display, an easy-to-use software and is especially designed for group work. weframe One makes group work interactive, more efficient and more fun.

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Partnership with weframe.

Working together means growing together and becoming better. The partnership not only brings a new quality of group work, but also additional impulses on how to get more out of meetings and conferences.

weframe works closely with users, meeting hosts and planners, and clients to ensure that the change that we want to see in the group collaboration and meeting space, happens. Closely cooperating with clients also gives us the opportunity to make sure we are on track.


weframe One brings impulses and exchange, how you can get more out of meetings and conferences.

Reliability is everything.

Ours services ensure that understanding, and ease of using weframe One is fast. Together with our clients, we invest and design activities and events to establish weframe One in your day-to-day meeting and business culture.

A complete user support service means, that from the first minute they start working with weframe One, users share our vision for the future of group collaboration.

To enable the perfect user experience with weframe One, we work with clients to continuously improve our service offerings.

Our motivation is to make meetings and conferences with our clients as inspiring as possible.

This is what we do.

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Services to build upon.

We know that technology only works when it is understood and relevant - when it makes users lives better. And this is what we deliver to clients.

Our services ensure that from the day weframe units arrive at our clients, users can use and benefit from our innovation.

We are inspired by making make group collaboration what it could be. So we invest in delivering services to our clients, to make sure this vision becomes a reality.



Welcome to weframe

Basic introduction and initial training for staff to weframe One, which ensures that the system is learned, understood and loved within two hours.


weframe Host

A special program für Meeting planners and trainers who want to get the most out of weframe One. The hosts are trained to run conferences & workshops digitally.


weframe Support Center

Individual and continuing training for Customers who have already used weframe One or would like to learn more about it - exclusively digital, so that anyone can participate from everywhere.

Innovation customised for your needs.

Together with our clients, we know that if people love doing something then they are going to be excellent at it. People love meetings with weframe One, because the need to be heard and interact, to understand and be understood, are basic human requirements.

We want to revolutionize the way groups collaborate - together. Wherever excellent meetings are expected. We build and maintain partnerships from which all parties involved benefit sustainably.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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