Bringing the Better into Together

Weframe offers a variety of educational and training formats providing the skillset for better meetings. From beginner tutorials to certified training programs, find all resources in this segment.

You have the choice!

Wherever you are on your journey to better meetings, we offer formats at the right training level:

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Please note:

The Weframe Academy formats are currently only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are working on an offer for Meeting Experts in the United States – stay tuned!

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Meet & Eat


Pure online meetings are currently omnipresent. Every one of us conducts them on a daily basis, and they will continue to be an integral part of our collaboration in the future. But is this really the only form of digital collaboration? We believe that, especially with hybrid collaboration in mind, the digital transformation of the meeting space has only just begun.

So let's discuss together, across industries and in a relaxed atmosphere, how we can live digital, efficient as well as dynamic meetings in the future.

What you can expect
  • People - Space - Technology provide the framework for our event series.
  • The opportunity to network with peers from different industries.
  • And of course, small appetizers and cold drinks.
What you bring along
  • You are a specialist and leader, and you are responsible for the success of one or more meetings.
  • You are interested in technical innovations to make your collaboration even better.
  • You are curious about what Weframe One can do and what we mean by "better together".
  • Your smartphone, tablet or laptop to participate interactively.
What you take with you
  • You will receive new ideas for your meetings and collaboration.
  • You have also exchanged and networked with a wide variety of peers on these topics.
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Discover Weframe One


You have set yourself the goal to make your meetings, workshops, and trainings more interactive, more efficient, and also easier. Like all of us, you are confronted with the challenge to implement this – not only in an analog way but also in a hybrid way. You have already read a lot about possible technologies and also tried them out and are now curious about Weframe One?

Then we look forward to discovering together with you the possibilities that arise from working with the Sessionboard for you and your daily challenges.

What you can expect
  • You will experience 3 hours live on-site with a meeting expert.
  • You get to know the functional range of Weframe One.
  • You can test and work on the Sessionboard yourself.
  • You will learn which added value Weframe One offers you for your meetings and training offers - especially with regard to hybrid and virtual training.
  • You will receive all necessary information to start directly.
What you bring along
  • You're curious about how to make your meetings and training work with Weframe One on the Sessionboard.
  • You are interested in technical innovations to make your meetings and trainings even better.
What you take with you
  • You will be able to assess how you can profitably integrate Weframe One into your meetings and trainings.
  • You will have received new ideas for your meetings or training offers.
  • You will know how to use the basic functions of Weframe One.


Weframe One
Certified Professional

990,- € (Introductory price until 31.12.2021)

You already know us and want to get deeper into the work with Weframe One & the idea of "better together"? We will accompany you on the way so that you can independently and routinely lead your own meeting or training project with Weframe One. In a group of like-minded people you will get all the information about tools, methods and techniques to make your formats successful.

What you can expect
  • 120 minutes PreWork via self-paced online course
  • Two live online trainings of 120 minutes
  • Two days of classroom training including catering
  • You will receive learning psychology and didactic information that you can use for your formats.
  • You will get to know and use all the features of Weframe One.
  • You develop, plan, practice and present your project in front of our experienced experts & receive our certification as "Certified Weframe One Professional".
What you bring along
  • You work as a trainer or facilitator and want to make your offerings interactive, efficient and simple.
  • Alternatively, you are responsible for meetings in a company and would like to lead them in the sense of "better together".
  • You are interested in technical innovations and "better together" to make your meetings and trainings even better.
  • You want to actively use Weframe One as a Certified Professional in your formats.
What you take with you
  • You have developed at least one format of your own with Weframe One, tested by our subject matter experts, and can immediately put it into practice.
  • You will be listed as a Certified Weframe One Professional on our booking platform.
  • You will be able to fully use the features of Weframe One.
  • You will have received didactic and learning psychological impulses for your meetings or trainings and will be able to transfer them directly into practice.

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